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Hello, gorgeous reader & Happy New Year!

 2020 has come and gone but not without a new way of life for all, including us at Nuhda Boutique. Adapting, surprises, terrible losses, and an even greater appreciation of our friends, family, and community were all a massive part of our year.

An upside to all of this is that social distancing did not stop life but gave us opportunities to be creative with how we do things. We're all about creativity around here and in Nuhda fashion, embraced the changing reality by modifying and designing a safer way for our customers to shop. We utilized the digital world more than ever through social media, our expanding website available to shop 24/7, and through Instagram lives to showcase tons of fashion and styling tips from afar. 2021 will see more of this and our pick up, shipping, and local delivery options because we want our customers to shop how they want, when they want, for whatever kind of unique pieces they want. 

Another bright side to 2020 was the way you kept your thirst for individuality and self-expression alive. We adored social media posts you tagged us in and admired your fierce styling of Nuhda gear. Even dressed for a trip from the couch to the kitchen, let's just be honest, you slayed. #hotgirlvibes.
Ultimately, you sharing us with your friends and fam and using these online options for buying helped us survive the shut-downs and the harsh realities small businesses faced in 2020.

We are SO grateful to be walking into 2021 with our doors still wide open and with more customers than any year before. For that, we're sending out a big THANK YOU to our shoppers, supporters, collaborators, and the universe! <3 If anything can lift our spirits, it is knowing that we have you all raising Nuhda Boutique up and supporting us through hard times. Inspiring through artistic style is our biggest mission, and we thank you for your love and continued support of the Nuhda brand.
A few things we're continuing and emphasizing this year is our love for collaborations, unique and one of a kind pieces, and supporting the community.

This year we've been so blessed to collab with the many local stylists who work on our photoshoots, photographers who create the magic on our social and site, artists who custom design clothing and accessories, & creatives of all kinds who contribute to the Nuhda lifestyle. These relationships proved invaluable to Nuhda's success, and in 2021 & we will drop even more dreamy collabs for you to indulge in.

Unique & One of a Kind Pieces
We know the most significant reason people shop Nuhda is that they want something beyond everyday clothing and desire genuinely unique and original pieces. We will continue honoring your drive for originality by keeping our edgy flare, choosing only quality items and eclectic treasures.

Community Support
If you've perused our lovely location at TIME at Montecillo, you would have noticed that we feature dozens of local artists on our shelves. We love to sell El Paso and Mexican artists because that is who inspires us. We offer our region's best, from balloons with attitude to handcrafted jewelry, and we will continue to do so. You can know that by shopping Nuhda, you are also supporting countless local artisans.

Thanks for catching up with what's going on at Nuhda Boutique! We really can't say this enough, but we are so blessed to have you, our shoppers and supporters. Many thanks, and we wish you a healthy, happy, and extra chic 2021!

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